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Finding Aid to the J. Thomas Ratchford Files


Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents


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Administrative Information

Detailed Description of the Collection

Overview of the Collection

Repository:    American Association for the Advancement of Science1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005,
Creator:    J. Thomas Ratchford
Title:    J. Thomas Ratchford Files
Dates:    1972-1989
Quantity:    37.5 linear feet (30 boxes)
Abstract:    J. Thomas Ratchford served as the AAAS Associate Executive Officer from 1977 to 1989, during which time he was involved in governance and managerial issues over the shape of AAAS and broader policy issues that affected the association and science as a whole. Ratchford also served as the director of the AAAS Office of International Science, focusing on the cultivation of a network connecting scientists and scientific associations around the world, and as the staff officer for the AAAS Climate Project.
Language:    The records are primarily in English.

Scope and Contents

J. Thomas Ratchford served as the AAAS Associate Executive Officer from 1977 to 1989. He earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Virginia, concentrating on condensed matter physics. Prior to AAAS, Ratchford served as a science consultant to the Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives. After leaving AAAS, he served as the Associate Director for Policy and International Affairs for the White House Office of Science and Technology from 1989-1993.

Working with Executive Officer William Carey, Ratchford was involved in governance and managerial issues involving the shape of AAAS and monitored broader policy issues that affected the association and science as a whole. He worked with Carey on carrying out recommendations by the AAAS Committee on Future Directions, created by the Board of Directors in 1975, for organizational changes intended to better enable AAAS to carry out its declared objectives. Ratchford's papers document the search process for a new headquarters in the 1980s, resulting in a move from and final sale of the association's 1515 Massachusetts Avenue building to the Embassy of Tunisia in 1985. His files outline the feasibility studies and discussions for Science80, a bimonthly science magazine for an educated but non-scientific public readership that folded by 1986. His files also include description of AAAS exploration into the desirability of founding a regional division in the Southeastern United States. Among larger social issues affecting science, AAAS participated in the House and Senate debates over recombinant DNA research in the late 1970s. Ratchford helped create an advisory council for Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusets) and assisted scientists in arranging meetings with other members of Congress.

As Associate Executive Officer, Ratchford oversaw the AAAS Programs Center, a division that housed the Office of International Science, the Office of Public Sector Programs, the Office of Opportunities in Science, and the Office of Science and Technology Education. He also served as the director of the AAAS Office of International Science from 1978 to 1989, succeeding Irene Tinker. The OIS was established in 1973 to facilitate communication between AAAS members and scientists abroad. One of Ratchford's major interests at OIS was developing a network of contacts with scientists and scientific associations around the world. Under Ratchford, OIS continued to develop a Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs, a group of AAAS affiliates who meet yearly to discuss international issues and programs, and continued to support AAAS charter membership of Interciencia, a federation of AAAS-like associations of science throughout North, South, and Central America chartered in Venezuela in 1975. OIS often invited delegates from foreign scientific associations to attend AAAS annual meetings and frequently co-sponsored symposia in other countries. The most frequent of these "exchanges" were with the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). The first delegation to China was in 1978, when the AAAS Board of Directors visited the country for three weeks. In ensuing years, delegations from CAST were invited to attend AAAS annual meetings. AAAS also sponsored joint symposiums with foreign scientific associations, including the 1985 symposium on "Strengthening of Science and Technology Capacity in Bangladesh," co-sponsored by the Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Science. Complementing these initiatives, OIS sponsored a series of seminars for foreign attachés posted at embassies in Washington, D.C. Ratchford also served as the staff liaison for the AAAS Committee on Climate and staff officer for the AAAS Climate Project.

Records include administrative records, reports, and correspondence.


Records are arranged in four series. Series I: Meetings and Projects, 1974-1988; Series II: Organizations, 1977-1986; and Series III: AAAS Administrative, 1972-1987. Series IV: Real Estate, 1978-1986, on relocation of AAAS headquarters.

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Restrictions on Access

Contact the AAAS Archivist by phone at (202) 326-6791, by email at, or at AAAS Archives, 1200 New York Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20005.

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Related Material

Records are related to materials for the Office of International Programs (AAAS Climate Program, AAAS Committee on Arid Lands and the Science, Technology and Development records)and for the AAAS Executive Office.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

J. Thomas Ratchford Files. AAAS Archives, Washington, DC.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Meetings and Projects 1974-1988

[Box 1]
AAAS Climate Change, 1978
AAAS Committee on Climate, 1979
AAAS Climate Program, 1979
AAAS Climate Workshop (Annapolis), 2-6 April 1979
La Jolla Meeting, correspondence, 1984
Climate Committee, minutes and members, 1984
Climate Committee, agenda, 1984
National Conservation Tillage Conference, October 1984
Climate Information in Water Resource Planning, Yakima Basin, D. W. Elly
Texas A and M Conference, June 1985
Climate Change and Water Supply, I. M. Flashka
Water Issue, correspondence and conferences, 1984
National Center for Water Resources Research
Weather and Climate, General, 1984
Paul. E. Wagner, 1984
Symposia, 1984
Sundry, 1984
Water, 1984
Agriculture - Soil and Food, 1984
Acid Rain - Nuclear, 1984
Oceanography, 1984
Natural disaster, 1984
Energy, 1984
Greenhouse Effect, 1984
Roger Revelle, Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lectures, 1983

[Box 2]
Global 2000 Report to the President, 1980
American Psychological Association, General Correspondence, 1985-1986
Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE), General Correspondence, 1982-1986
CESSE Annual Meeting, 1985
US Science Policy Meetings, 1978-1983
American Association of Engineering Societies, Public Affairs Council, 1982-1984
National Academy of Engineering, 1984-1985
Gas Research Institute, 1977-1982
Law-Science Short Courses, (undated)
Foreign Science Lectureship Series, 1986
Foreign Scientific Associations, Lists, (undated)
Foreign Scientific Associations, Board Travel, 1980
Foreign Scientific Associations, Letters, 1979
AAAS Representation at Meetings Abroad, 1975-1978
SCITEC Questionnaire, 1980
Council on Science and Technology for Development, Seminar, Oct 1979
Meeting of Social Science Leaders on Science Policy Study, Feb 1985
Innovation and Tradition in the Arabic Sciences, March 1985

[Box 3]
AAAS OIS-ASPA, Symposium on Defining the Federal Organization for International Science and Technology, April 1977
Organized Research Units in Academic Science, Advisory Committee, 1980-1981
Organized Research Units in Academic Science, 1982-1983
International Symposium on Science and Technology for Development, Singapore, January 1979
JTR, schedule, Annual meeting, May 1983
Nairobi, End of the Decade, 1985
Panel of Experts on Science, Technology and Women, Intl Women's Tribune Center. 1984
Panel, follow-up, press
Panel, transmittal of report to ACSTD
U.N. version of panel report
Panel, final report, draft form
Panel, final report, recommendations
Panel, final report, requests and procedures
National Science Foundation
     Division of International Programs, Project Summaries, 1981
     Division of International Programs, Project Summaries, 1982
     An Evaluation of Eight Programs of International Scientific Activity: Final Report on Survey Results, April 1984
     back-up materials
     Survey, US participant questionnaire
     project evaluation forms
List of reviewers used by MPS Directorate, 1983
Draft of final report on evaluation

[Box 4]
National Science Foundation
     Externational International Peer Review, 1986
     104-02, 1976-1980
NGO in consultative status with ECOSOC, 1975-1979
NGO memo, 1977
United Nations
     general, 1983-1984
     FAO, 1983
     financial system, 1983
     Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries Conference, 1978
     Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals (TOKENS), 1979
     University, 1983
     Environment Programme, 1985-1986
E. Q. Daddario to UNESCO General Conference, November 1978

[Box 5]
NSF, Advisory Committee for International Programs, general, 1983-1984 (2 Folders)
NSF, ACIP meeting, 29-30 October 1984
NSF, SCIP, 1986
National Academy of Sciences, 1986
NAS, Panel on Scientific Communications and National Security, 1982
NAS, Panel on Scientific Communication and National Security, Corson Committee, 1983
Corson Committee Report, 1982
NAS, US Participation in International S and T Cooperation Workshop, 28-29 September 1983
NRC, Public Affairs Network, 1984
NRC, Public Affairs Network, 1986

[Box 6]
Association of Science-Technology Centers Annual Meeting, Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, 14-17 Sept. 1989
     Annual Meeting, Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, 14-17 Sept. 1989
     Annual Meeting, Boston, 15-18 Oct. 1988
     Meeting, Seattle, WA, Pacific Science Center, 18-20 Oct. 1987
     Meeting, Los Angeles, 19-21 Oct. 1988
     Meeting, Richmond, VA, 20-21 Oct. 1985
Sigma Xi
     Wingspread Conference, Collaboration with others, May 1987
     Wingspread Conference, background mailing, 2-4 Sept. 1987
     meeting, Orlando, FL-Symposium on Public Understanding of Science and Technology, 1988
     AAAS Orlando Conference, Chinese Delegation, PUS and T, 28-29 Oct. 1988
     AAAS International Symposium on PUS and T, Program
     acitivities, expenses, 1987-1988
     Orlando meeting, speakers, 28-29 Oct. 1988
     general (2 Folders)
Regional Energy Seminars, Proposal to DoE, 1979
Regional Energy Seminars (DOE DE-FG01-78ET21040), 1980-1981
Consultation of Presidents of AAAS Affiliated Societies, 28 March 1984
     post-meeting correspondence
     questionnaires received
     master list
     master working list, all but presidents
     working list, society presidents
Misc. other guest, Boards, COSEPP, staff, early bird
AAAS Consultative Group on Annual Meeting Goals
Staff liaison to section meetings, Los Angeles, 1985
Staff liaison to section meetings, New York, 1984
Staff liaison to sections, 1983
Annual meeting, Section committee business meeting, 1982
Staff liaison to section meetings, Toronto, 3-8 January 1981
[Two copies] Living with Seismic Risk: Strategies for Urban Conservation, Proceedings of a Seminar, by Richard E. Reed, 1977

[Box 7]
IIASA, General (2 Folders)
IIASA, 1983
IIASA, 1984
IIASA, 1985
IIASA, 1986
Notices which appeared in disciplinary publications of AAAS Affiliates (2 Folders)

[Box 8]
OIS - Bangladesh and China - Correspondence with Asia Foundation, 1979-1987
OIS - Bangladesh
     K. M. S. Aziz Application for AAAS Fellowship, 1984-1986
     AAAS/BAAS 1985 Joint Symposium Preparations, 1984-1985
     AAAS/BAAS 1985 Joint Symposium, 1985
     AAAS/BAAS 1985 Joint Symposium Related Papers, 1985
     National Science and Technology Policy, 1986
     Annual Report of the Science and Technology Division, 1987
     12th Annual BAAS Science Conference, 1987
     Regional Seminar on Research Trends in Medicinal Plants, 1987
     Correspondence with Aga Khan Foundation, 1987
     Liz Levey Trip to Dhaka, 1988
     Journal Distribution, 1986-1988
     Journal Distribution Questionnaires, 1988
     AAAS/BAAS Joint Symposium
          Correspondence with USAID, 1986-1989
          Preparations, 1986-1989
          Briefing Book, 1989
          Misc., 1989
          Papers, 1989
          Follow up, 1989-1990
OIS - Bangladesh - Background Information, 1980s
OIS - Bangladesh - Misc., 1986-1989
Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Centre
     Seminar on The Overview of the Work Plan for the Implementation of the National Science and Technology Information Policy, Proceedings, 1988
     Report on Current Scientific and Technological Research Projects of Bangladesh, 1987
     Directory of Scientists and Technologists of Bangladesh, 1989
     Bangladesh Science and Technology Index, 1987
Bangladesh Ministry of Education, Survey of Research and Development Activities in Bangladesh, 1987
Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Science, 13th Bangladesh Science Conference, Proceedings, 1988 1988
Dhaka University (Bangladesh) Department of Chemistry, Publication on Economic Utilization of Water Hyacinth, 1984
Dhaka University (Bangladesh), National Symposium on Monitoring of Environmental Systems of Chemical Industries in Bangladesh, Proceedings, 1988
Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Vol. 12, No. 2, 1988
Bangladesh Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 6, Nos. 1 and 2, 1988
Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Conference on International Cooperation in Science and Technology for Developing Countries, Proceedings, 1984
Bangladesh Botanical Society, Quarterly Publication (in Bangla script)
Bangladesh Journal of Botany, Vol. 17, No. 2, 1988
Bangladesh Botanical Society, Regional Workshop on Tissue Culture of Tropical Crop Plants, Proceedings, 1987

[Box 9]
OIS - China - Chinese Science and Technology Policy Delegation Visit, 1978
      Zhongshan University Delegation Visit, 1979
      AAAS Popularization of Science Delegation to China, 1980
     CAST Science Writers Delegation to US, 1981
     AAAS Environmental Planning Delegation to China, 1981
     US-China Conference on Energy Resources and Environment, 1982
      Interferon Study (Proposed), 1982
      CAST Delegation to US, 1982
      CAST Quality Control Delegation to US, 1982
      Rumenant Productivity Symposium - US Papers, 1983
      Rumenant Productivity Symposium - Chinese Papers, 1983
     Photo Album of Address by Song Jian, 1985
      AAAS Board of Directors Delegation to China, 1985
      Chinese Delegation Visit (IIE), 1986
     US Fish and Wildlife Service Delegation to China, 1986
      FASAS International Climate Change Symposium (Proposal), 1986
      CAST Delegation to US, 1986
      Background Political Information, 1987
      Law/Science Short Course (Proposal), 1987
      Collected Information and Papers on Chinese Water Management, 1987
      CAST Water Management Delegation to US, 1987
      AAAS Water Management Delegation to China, 1987
      AAAS Water Management Delegation to China - Follow-up, 1988
      CAST Petrochemical Engineer Delegation to US (Proposal), 1987
      Pacific Rim Symposium (Proposal), 1987
      Science and Technology Advising Seminar (Proposal), 1988-1989
      AAAS/ABA Lawyers and Scientists Delegation to China, 1988
      China Symposium at 1989 AAAS Annual Meeting, 1988-1989
      Medical Instrument Maintenance and Repair, 1989
      Fang Li Zhi, 1988-1989
      Amnesty International Reports on Chinese Arrests, 1989
     Correspondence re: June 1989 Events in China, 1989
     Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs, 1989
     China - FASAS Symposium on Environmental Protection in Developing Countries, 1989
      FASAS Symposium Chinese Papers, 1989
     PRC Joint Commission Visit, 1989
     Tibet, 1987
      Liz Levey Misc Correspondence, 1982-1990
      Chinese Code of Ethics, 1986
      China Tech Company Information, (undated)
      AAAS/CAST Exchange Programs, 1978-1987
      Correspondence with CAST International Director Wang Zheng, 1981-1982
      Correspondence with CAST, 1981-1989
      James Hartnett Complaint to CAST, 1988-1989
      Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1987
      Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, 1987-1988
      Correspondence with Chinese Embassy, 1982-1987
      NAS China Committee, 1982-1986
      Financial Aid for Chinese Students, 1987
      Misc Articles and General Background Information, 1978-1989
     Misc., 1982-1989
      Presentation Transparencies, 1988
Elzinga, Aant. "History and Philosophy of Science in China." Institutionen for Vetenskapsteori, Gotesborgs Universitet. 1980

[Box 10]
Caribbean Regional Seminar (CRS), Committee
CRS Organizing and Steering Committee
Correspondence with Juan Bonnet
Correspondence with participants
Cuban participation
CRS Summary/Info Sheets
CRS Proposals and funding: Early Planning Stages and Chicago, 1986, 1987
CRS Agenda/Program
CRS fundraising correspondence
CRS Boston AAAS Annual Meeting, 1988
Meeting Room arrangements and list of participants
AAAS/OIS Long-Range Plan (LRP), Spring 1988
International Initiative
First Cut, Bennett Miller's, 12 May 1988
LRP, OIS and other offices
OIS Long-Range Plan
Moscow Forum, Fueling the 21st Century, 28 Sept - 2 Oct 1987
Correspondence, A. W. Trivelpiece participation
US-USSR Spacebridge, Chernobyl and TMI, Sept 1986
US-USSR Spacebridge, Chernobyl and TMI, videotape
"Financial Results" from Comptroller's Office, 1987

[Box 11]
Continuing Committee minutes, Cairo, 1988
ARR-DEP Cairo and participants, 1988
Continuing Committee participant list, 1988
JTR Notes, Cairo, Continuing Committee, SMB, 1988
Cairo RPT, extra copies
Continuing Committee, agenda, 1988
Continuing Committee, bios
Post Cairo letter to participants, Jan 1989
Cairo Fact Sheet
Cairo Budget
Telexes and faxes with Egypt correspondence
Yousuf Yaqub Al-Sultan, CC, 1988
Edward Ayensu, CC, 1988
Lutz Baehr, CC, 1988
Kenneth Boulding, CC, 1988
Herbert F. Budd, CC, 1988
Hollis Charles, CC, 1988
Emilio Q. Daddario, CC, 1988
Dalafi, Twas (Hassan), 1988
Jorg Debelius, CC, 1988
George Doumani, CC, 1988
Wolfgang Fritsche, CC, 1988
Ernst Golling, CC, 1988
Klaus Gottstein, CC, 1988
Hamed Ahmed Kaddah, CC, 1988
Kamchorn Manunapichu, CC, 1988
Carlos Lopez Rivera, CC, 1988
Adetokunbo O. Lucas, CC, 1988
Thomas F. Malone, CC, 1988
Massey, Nov 1988
Howard Minners, CC, 1988
Joyce Moock, CC, 1988
A. S. N'Diaye, CC, 1988
Novak, CC, 1988
Thomas R. Odhiambo, CC, 1988
Erkki H. Oksanen, CC, 1988
Qi, US
M. K., Rajakumar, CC, 1988
Marcel Roche, CC, 1988
Patricia Rosenfield, CC, 1988
R. I. Salawu, CC, 1988
William M. Sangster, CC, 1988
A.K. Sharma, CC, 1988
Somjen Mtesz, Hungary
Jack Sommer, CC, 1988
Rundo Taylor, IAEA observer
Tong Kezhong, CC, 1988
Manuel Torres Parra, CC, 1988
Sergio G. Trindade, CC, 1988
David Wiley, CC, 1988
Walt Whitman, CC, 1988
Wu Jincheng, CC, 1988
A.B. (Tony) Zahlan, CC, 1988
AHCCCP, Soviet participant, CC, 1988
Latin American
Maintenance and repair of research equipment in developing countries meeting, Raleigh, NC, 5 Oct. 1988
Proceedings of Cairo meeting, 5-8 Oct 1988
Originals for Cairo agenda books
Agenda book, Cairo, 5 Dec 1988
Invitational letter to seminar
Update letters to non-attendees
Thank you letters
Participant letter, agenda, program
Miscellaneous material

Series II: Organizations, 1977-1986

[Box 12]
AID International Training Workshop (2 Folders)
American Council on Education
Association for the Advancement of Policy, R and D in the Third World (AAPRD)
Association of Geoscientists for International Development
Association for Women in Science
A.T. International
Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Science
British Association for the Advancement of Science
CLSTOP (Hogbe Nlend)
Congressional Research Service
Consulting firms
Council on International and Public Affairs
Council of Scientific Study Presidents
East - West Center
Electric Power Research Institute
European Association of Dev. Res. And Training Int.
Federazione Associazioni Scientifiche e Techniche (FAST)
FAST, general
Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences
Florida Institute of Technology
French Association for the Advancement of Science (5 Folders)
Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Arzte, 1982
India Development Service
Institute of Food Technologists
Inter-American Development Bank
International Communication Agency
International Council of Scientific Unions
IIASA, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
IIED, International Institute for Environment and Development
Int. Program in Engineering Studies, Stanford University
IREX, International Research and Exchange Board
Korea Science Foundation
National Academy of Engineering
National Academy of Science
National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges
Review of U.S. paper for OECD workshop, Fall 1981
Operation Crossroads Africa, Inc.
Pacific Science Congress
Pakistan Association for the Advancement of Science
Pan American Development Foundation
Phillippines Association for the Advancement of Science
Portuguese file, Revista de Microbiologia
SID, Society for International Development
Societa Italiana per il Progresso delle Scienza
South African Association for the Advancement of Science
The South-East Consortium for International Development
U.S.-India Commission
West African Science Association
World Bank
World Resources Institute

[Box 13]
Department of Defense University, Working Group on Export Controls, 1982-1985 (3 Folders)
Carnegie Corporation of New York (3 Folders)
Exxon Education Foundation
The Ford Foundation
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
Miscellaneous foundations
Belyaev, L. S.
Boulding, Kenneth, "The Challenge of Methuselah"
Bromley, Allan
Brown, Harrison
Calhoun, John C.
Gottstein, Klaus
Harrison, Anna
MacKay, Buddy
Ott, Marvin
Pfeiffer, Heinrich
Sawyer, William
Wakefield, Dean
Weiner, Denise - Memorial Fund
Wight, William

[Box 14]
Academy of Independent Scholars
American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES)
American Association for Higher Education
American Association of Physics Teachers
American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
American Astronomical Society
American Chemical Society (ACS)
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
American Geophysical Union
American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICE)
American Institute of Chemists (AIC)
American Institute of Industrial Engineers
American Institute of Physics (AIP)
American Mathematical Society
American Meteorological Society
American Nuclear Society
American Physical Society
The American Political Science Association
American Psychiatric Association
American Psychological Association
American Science Film Association
American Society for Cybernetics
American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS)
American Society for Humanistic Aerospace Research and Application
American Society for Information Science (ASIS)
American Society for Microbiology
American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)
American Society for Testing and Materials
American Society for Association Executives
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Associated Universities, Inc.
Association for the Advancement of Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries (AAATDC)
Association for Women in Science
Association of American Universities (AAU)
Association of Science-Technology Centers
The Conference Board (Professional societies)
Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences
Council of Scientific Society Presidents
Council on International and Public Affairs
Council on Science and Technology for Development
Delegation for Basic Biomedical Research
Engineering Manpower Commission
Engineering Societies Commission on Energy, Inc. (ESCOE)
Engineers Joint Council (EJC)
Federation of American Scientists
FASST, Forum for the Advancement of Students in Science and Technology, Inc.
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
National Academy of Engineering
NAS, Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
NAS, Committee on International Relations
NAS, Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China
NAS, Committee on Science and Public Policy (COSPUP)
National Academy of Science, National Research Council
National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC)
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
National Conference on the Advancement of Research (NCAR), Les Cook
National Council of University Research Administrators
National Engineering Action Council (NEAC)
National Science Teachers Association
National Society of Professional Engineers
Science and Technology Political Action Committee
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America, 1977-1979
Sigma Xi
Parapsychological Association
Phi Theta Kappa
Power Engineering Society
Social Science Research Council
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Society for Applied International Development
State Academies of Science
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Community Centers, Brooklyn, New York

[Box 15]
African Association of Science Editors
African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions
Agency for International Development
American Academy of Political and Social Sciences
American Association of Engineering Societies
American Chemical Society
American Gas Association
American Enterprise Institute
American Psychological Association
Americans for Energy Independence
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
American Institute of Physics
American Physical Society
American Society of Association Executives
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Statistical Association
Annenberg Schools of Communication
Association for the Advancement of Policy, Research and Development in the Third World
Association of American Medical Colleges
Association of American Universities
Association Universitaire Internamericaine
Biofeedback Society
Bosch Foundation
British Association for the Advancement of Science
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
Business, Higher Education Forum
Carib/Impact Caribbean Resource Development Foundation
Center for Futures Research
Center for International Private Enterprise
Center for the Study of Foreign Affairs
Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education
Committee for Energy Awareness (U.S.)
Committee of Concerned Scientists
COSSA, Consortium of Social Science Associations
Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives
Council of Graduate Schools in the U.S.
Council of Scientific Society Presidents
Council on Competitiveness
Council on International and Public Affairs
Deutscher Verband Technisch-Wissenschftlicher Vereine
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Ecological Society of America
Economic Development of Africa: Hope or Despair
European Communities
European Federation of National Engineering Associations

[Box 16]
Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
Federation of American Scientists
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Federation of Materials Society
Foreign Service Institute
Federation of Asian Scientific Academies and Societies
Gas Research Institute
Geological Society of Africa
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker
Government Research Corporation
The Heritage Foundation
Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology
India Science Congress Association
India National Science Academy
Industrial Research Institute
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Institute of Food Technologies
Institute of Gas Technology
Institute of International Education
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology
Institution of Engineers of Ireland
Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics
IBI publication - Agora
International Association for the Advancement of Appropriate Technology for
Developing Countries
International Association of Professional Congress Organizers
International Center for Developing Countries, Trieste
International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology
International Council of Scientific Unions
International Development Conference
International Development Research Centre
International Foundation for Science
International Foundation for Science, Technology and African Development
International Life Science Institute
International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development
International Organization for the Study of Group Tensions
International Registry of Organization Development Professionals
International Society of African Scientists
International Studies Association
Japan Techno-Economic Society
Max Planck Gesellschaft
National Association of Professional Engineers
National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
National Audubon Society
National Coalition for Science and Technology
National Council on Foreign Language and International Studies
National Society of Professional Engineers
New York Academy of Sciences
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Organization of American States
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Overseas Development Council

[Box 17]
Pacific Science Association
People to People International
Plant Genetic Resources Centre, International Livestock Centre for Africa
Polish Society for the Advancement of Science
Resources for the Future
Science Council of Canada
Science Council of Japan
Science Policy Foundation
Social Science Research Council
Society for International Development
Southeastern Universities Research Association
Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science
Technology and International Affairs
Technotransu International Corporation
Toyota Foundation
Verein Deutscher Ingenieure
Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
World Resources Institute
Sri Lanka
South Africa
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom

Series III: AAAS Administrative, 1972-1987

[Box 18]
AAAS Southeastern Division, feasibility study, 1975-1976
AAAS Southeastern Division, feasibility survey, 1975-1976
     General, 1975-1976
     North Carolina
     South Carolina
     Kentucky, Texas & Virginia
AAAS SWARM Division, correspondence, 1976
Science 8X, feasibility study, 1978-1979
Science 8X, staff memoranda, 1978-1979
AAAS Conference Group on Publishing Plans, meeting, 29 November 1978
AAAS Conference Group on Publishing Plans, meeting, 6 February 1979
AAAS Conference Group on Publishing Plans, meeting, 16 February 1979
Mohammad Zia ul-Haq, President of Pakistan, Address, 11 December 1982
DNA, AAAS Activities, 1976-1978
     AAAS Activities, 1976-1978
     Activities of other organizations, 1977-1979
     University of Michigan Involvement, 1976
     Related legislative material
     Misc. articles, US, 1977-1978
     Misc. articles, non-US, 1978-1979
Task Force on Energy, House Committee on Science and Astronautics, 1972
Task Force on Energy, Organization and Financing for Energy Research and Development, 30 November 1972
Task Force on Energy, Press conference, 9 April 1973
Congressional hearing, Regulation of Recombinant DNA Research, November 1977
     Hearing, Regulation of Recombinant DNA Research, Nov. 1977
     Report, DNA Recombinant Molecule Research, Dec. 1976
     Hearing, Science, Technology and the Economy, April 1972
     Report, Science, Technology and the Economy, Feb. 1972

[Box 19]
AAAS OIS Monthly Reports
AAAS Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility
     Meeting, 3-4 June 1978
     Meeting 13-14 Oct. 1978
     Monthly reports, 1979
AAAS Office of Opportunities in Science (OOS), 1977
AAAS Board of Directors Margaret Mead Memorial, 1978-1979
AAAS OOS, new director, 1979
AAAS OOS, Women in Science, 1979
AAAS OOS, Handicapped Program, 1979
AAAS Office of Science Education (OSE)
     Science Teaching Awards, 1979
     Holiday lecture program, 1979
     Section Q Study, 1979
     Chautaugua-type short course program, 1979
     Commonwealth Awards for Science Education, 1979

[Box 20]
     Consortium of Affiliates for Internatioanl Programs, 1977
     Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs, 1978
     Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs, 1979
     Science Attaches, 1978
     Science Attaches, 1979
     Asian Regional Seminar, 4-6 Oct. 1978
     Committee on Arid Lands, 1978
     Committee on Arid Lands, 1979
     UN Conference on Desertification (Nairobi), 1977
     Desertification, 1978
     Intersciencia Association
          Western Hemisphere Conference, 1977
          Western Hemisphere Conference, 1978
          Western Hemisphere Conference, 1979
     UN Conference on Science and Technology for Development
          Workshop on Organization Labor, 1979
          Workshop on Science and Engineering Societies, 1979
     Budget, 1979
     "AAAS News" items, 1979
     "AAAS News" items, 1980
     Personnel, 1977
     Administration/Personnel, 1978
     Administration/Personnel, 1979
     Foreign Travel and Meetings, 1977
          Misc., 1977 (2 Folders)
          Misc., 1978
          Misc., 1979
          General, 1978
          General, 1979

[Box 21]
AAAS Board of Directors, 1978
AAAS Board of Directors, 1979
AAAS Council, Meeting, 19 February 1978
AAAS Council, 1979
AAAS Committee on Council Affairs, Meeting, 15 Nov 1978
AAAS Committee on Future Directions, 1977 (2 Folders)
AAAS Committee on Future Directions, 1978
AAAS Committee on Future Directions, 1979
William D. Carey, correspondence, 1977
William D. Carey, correspondence, 1978
William D. Carey, correspondence, 1979
Executive Office, 1979
AAAS Copyright Committee, 1979
AAAS Development, 1978
AAAS Investment and Finance Committee, Minutes, 1977
AAAS Report on Financial Statements, 1976-1977
AAAS Investment and Finance Committee, 1979
AAAS Investment and Finance Committee, 1982
AAAS Membership recruitment, 1977
AAAS Membership recruitment, 1979
Membership and Public Info., Monthly reports, 1979
Publications, 1977
Publication requests, 1977
Meetings and Publications, 1979
Staff liaisons to Section business meetings, Houston, TX, January 1979
Science magazine, sales and marketing, 1977
Science 80, 1979
Scroll of Honor presentation to Olin E. Teague, 1979
Proposal, Survey and Workshop on Professional Ethics, 1978
AAAS Day Care Committee, 1984
AAAS Annual Report, 1985
AAAS Annual Meeting, 1987
AAAS Caribbean Division, 1986
AAAS Caribbean Division, 1987

[Box 22]
Honolulu File, East/West Center, December 1980
Travel: Tokyo, December 1980
Travel: Bangkok, December 1980
Ratchford and Daddario trip to FRG, March - April 1981
USA-FRG Joint Workshop on Risk Management, 1981
Travel: Yugoslavia trip, 29 Oct - 3 Nov 1982
Trip to India, December 1983
JTR Travel, 1983
Travel: Ivory Coast Trip Report, July 1983
New York trip, September 1986
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visit, July 1982
Jorg Debelius visit, August 1984
JTR Chron
     Jan.-April 1984
     May-Dec. 1985
     Jan.-April 1985
     June 1986-Jan. 1987
     Jan. 1987-March 1987
JTR Testimony, Subcommittee on HUD, Independent Agencies, Committee on Appropriations, 2 May 1985
JTR Testimony, House S and T Committee, Skeen substitute, NSF and Engineering, 21 March 1984
JTR, Proposal Review, Committee hearings, 1979
Hearings on Research and Development in the Federal Budget, 1980
JTR Testimony on Research and Development, 1979
JTR, Proposals, Indian engineers
OIS, Annual reports, 1974-1986
OIS, Scientific and Engineering Societies in Development Newsletter, 1981-1987

[Box 23]
Summer Intern Program, 1985
Student Intern Program, 1984
EDF Seminar on Development Through Information Resources Management, 30 October 1985
Sigma Xi, CO2 Teleconference, 1985
American Physical Society electronic newsletter
Computer Information
Electronic Mail, General Information
Electronic Mail, Questionnaires, Correspondence
Electronic Mail, Interoffice Communications, 1986
Information Systems and Services, 1987
People Link
Easy Link, Western Union
GTE Telemail
MCI Mail
JTR Calendars, 1985-1986
JTR business card file

[Box 24]
Board of Directors Meeting, March 1986
Board of Directors Meeting, May 1986
Board of Directors Meeting, October 1986
Board of Directors Meeting, December 1986
AAAS Budget, 1986
AAAS Library
AAAS Accounting
Executive Office
Editorial Center, Science 86
Editorial Center, Science, 1986 (2 Folders)
AAAS Sections and Divisions, 1986
AAAS Council, 1986
Office of Information Systems and Services, 1986
Office of Communications and Membership
Office of Meetings and Publications, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, 1986
Office of Meetings and Publications, Chicago teleconference on APS, 1987

[Box 25]
OIS correspondence, 1986
Foreign visitors, 1986
OIS staff meetings, 1986
OIS Committee on Arid Lands, 1986
China Exchange Program, 1986
Hewlett Packard project
Interciencia Association
Western Hemisphere
Climate Program
Denise Weiner
PREP Meeting, April 1986
PREP, File "A"
PREP, File "B"
Science, Engineering and Diplomacy Fellows, 1986
Science Attache Programs
Science Attache Seminars, File "A"
Science Attache Seminars, announcements and invitations
Science Attache, general
Committee on Public Understanding of Science and Technology, 1986
National Science Week, Ben Franklin Lecture, 1986
National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists, 1986
Environmental Science and Engineering Fellows, 1986
Research and Development Budget and Policy Project, 1986
R and D Colloquium, 1986
Dean Wakefield
Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows, 1986
Mass Media
Office of Opportunities in Science, 1986
Science, Technology and Education
Committee on Arms Control and National Security, 1986
Program on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, 1986

[Box 26]
AAAS and Congress, lobbying, 1959-1987
Congress, 1986
Arctic, 1981
Legislative Branch, 1981-1984
Executive Branch, pre-1985
OMB Circular, 1983
Science Policy: A Working Glossary, 1978
Science Policy Task Force
Congressional Research Service, 1986
Environmental Protection Agency
House Committee on Science and Technology, 1986
Office of Management and Budget
Office of Science and Technology Policy, 1982
Office of Technology Assessment, 1980
State Department (2 Folders)
AAAS Science, Engineering, and Diplomacy Fellows, Lunch and Orientation, 1983
Tax Bills, 1981
Edwards vs Aguilard, Louisiana Creationist Suit, 1986
Edwards vs Aguilard, NAS amicus brief
Edwards vs Aguilard, People for the American Way amicus brief
Edwards vs Aguilard, Supreme Court arguments
Hutchinson vs. Proxmire, amicus brief, 1978
Southeastern College vs. Frances Davis, amicus brief, 1979
State Department, 1976-1984
Human Subjects Research, 1979
Controversy over Inhaber Article in Science, 1979
Three Mile Island, 1979
Federal appropriations, universities and pork barrel projects

Series IV: Real estate, 1978-1986

[Box 27]
Real estate interest in
     New Jersey and F site, 1981
     NAS site, 1982
     15th and Mass Ave., 1981
     Carnegie Institute site, 1978-1979
     Carnegie Institute site, 1980
     Carnegie Institute site, 1983
     500 N. Capital site, 1984
     1301 New York Ave. site, 1984
Construction management bids, 1984-1985
Real estate
     Coldwell Banker proposal, 1983
     Cushman Wakefield proposal, 1983
     correspondence with Boris Cherney, 1981-1985
     Abramovitz, Kingsland, Schiff correspondence, 1982-1985
     Wilkes, Artis, Hedrick and Lane correspondence, 1981-1985
     Julien Studley as consultant, 1983 (2 Folders)
Aetna Insurance Company, 1981
Real estate, Design Business Interiors (DBI), space program and facility planning study, 1980

[Box 28]
1101 Vermont Ave., lease information, 1981
Real estate, 1101 Vermont Ave., subleasing, Julien Studley, 1984-1985
Real estate, 1101 Vermont Ave., subleasing, 1985-1986
Real estate, Spaulding reports on Washington office space market, 1982, 1988
Space Planning Committee, input for new building, 1980-1982
Real estate
     1776 Mass Ave., lease information, 1980-1985
     GWU lease to 14th and H Associates, 1980
     1333 H Street
          Developer's brochure, 1982
          Coldwell Banker, 1984
          JTR notes on parking, etc., 1984
          dispute over building size, 1984
          lease between AAAS and NY Life, 1984-1985
          final draft of lease, 1984
          first lease amendment, 1985
          second lease amendment, 1987
          financial impact of move, 1985
          misc., 1985
          space concerns, 1984
          Design Business Interiors (DBI)
          Move Committee meeting minutes, 1984-1985
          ORS Associates, relocation plan, 1984
          relocation, budget, 1984
          relocation, employee info on moving records, 1985
          relocation, misc., 1985
1515 Mass Ave.
     appraisal reports, 1977 & 1981
     Dupont Circle historic district, 1983
     potential sale, misc., 1984
     interested buyers, 1981-1983
     potential sale, broker proposals, 1984
     sale to Tunisian Embassy, 1984

[Box 29]
Board of Directors, actions, 1973-1981
University Club Meeting, New York, 7 Sept 1982
Board of Directors, memos, 1981
Board of Directors, memos, 1982
Board of Directors, memos, 1983-1985
First presentation to Board, June 1980
Presentation to the Board, 11 April 1981
Board of Directors meeting, 12-13 June 1981
Board of Directors meeting, 16 October 1981
Board presentation, December 1982
Board presentation, March 1983
Board of Directors meeting, December 1983
Executive Committee meeting, 16 February 1984
Board of Directors meeting, 24 May 1984
New Building Correspondence, Jan 1977 - Aug 1981
William T. Golden, correspondence re relocation, 1978-1982
Financial projections for new building, Touche, Ross and Co., 1979-1982
Tax impact of new headquarters, 1981
Real estate, Financial impact of new headquarters (misc. reports), 1981-1982
New building campaign, 1982
AAAS finances and the new building, 1983
Real estate, Search for new site, 1981-1982
Review of sites, 1981
Search for new building, criteria, 1982
Requests for proposals, 1980
Telecommunications, memos and comparisons, 1984-1986

[Box 30]
New building search, historical material, 1962-1972
J. T. Ratchford memos on relocation, 1981-1982
J. T. Ratchford memos on relocation, 1983
J. T. Ratchford memos on relocation, 1984
Potential co-locators, AASE, IEEE, 1982
Resources for the Future (RFF), relocation discussions, 1983
National Wildlife Federation (NWF), relocation discussions, 1983
Relocation, discussions with RFF and NWF on common services, 1981
     discussions with RFF and NWF on common services, 1981
     appraisals of RFF and NWF properties, 1983
     16th Street Project with RFF and NWF
     16th Street Project costs, 1983
     proposed agreements and finances with RFF and NWF, 1983
Negotiations for joint venture with RFF and NWF, 1983 (3 Folders)
Negotiations on joint venture, Sandra M. Burns notes, 1983
Richard D. Stout, Developer 16th Street Project, 1983
William D. Carey, memos on joint venture, 1983
Portal site, Banneker Associates, 1981-1982
Portal site, Banneker Associates, 1982-1983
Portal site, cost run-out, June 1982