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Science and Human Rights Reception

Each year the Science and Human Rights Program organizes a reception at the AAAS Annual Meeting to recognize one or more scientists, who, through action and example, have promoted human rights, usually at great personal risk. The definition of "scientist" is a broad one, including social scientists, health professionals and engineers, as well as natural and physical scientists. The reception also provides an opportunity for members of the scientific community to learn more about the human rights work of scientific societies, the plight of persecuted scientists in other countries, and about human rights issues that affect scientists worldwide.


  • Igor Sutyagin (2006)
  • Arjan Erkel (2005)
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres (2005)
  • Guatemalan Forensic Anthr (2004)
  • Saad Eddin Ibrahim (2003)
  • Moncef Marzouki (2002)
  • Flora Brovina (2001)
  • Sergey Piontkovski (2000)
  • Aleksandr Nikitin (1999)
  • Alemayehu Teferra (1998)
  • Woldeyes Asrat (1998)
  • Wang Dan (1997)
  • Ma Thida (1997)
  • Haluk Gerger (1996)
  • Nguyen Dan Que (1996)
  • Wang Juntao (1995)
  • Vil Sultanovich Mirzayanov (1995)
  • Liu Gang (1994)