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Professional Development Activities for AAAS Marion Milligan Mason Recipients

AAAS organized three-day professional development activities at its headquarters, as a mean to provide opportunities to the recipients, for increasing their knowledge about communication for scientists, policy guidance, funding as well as guidelines for publishing in Science Family of Journals.

Marion Milligan Mason Award recipients attending professional development session at AAAS

The professional development sessions aimed at providing recipients with key information for advancing their careers and implementing successful research projects in the chemical sciences. 

A media training and preparation for awards presentation was provided, covering sessions of theorical concepts as well as presentation rehearsals. The training aimed at providing insights into effective communication when introducing scientific topics to large audiences

Members of AAAS Office of Government Relations also contributed guidance on approaching policy questions and policy makers in relationship with scientific topics.

In addition, the recipients benefited from valuable insights about the publishing process in Science Family of Journals, as well as guidance on the funding environment within the National Science Foundation, in the Division of Chemistry.

There were also several opportunities for networking and informal communication between the recipients, members of AAAS board and other invited participants.

Photos from the Award Ceremony for the 2017-2019 Class of Awardees