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William D. Carey Lecture

The William D. Carey Lecture was started in 1989 to honor former Executive Officer William D. Carey. The selected lecturers are individuals who, in their own way, exemplify Mr. Carey's leadership in articulating public policy issues. This lecture is delivered at the annual AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy and carries a honorarium of $5,000 and an engraved medallion.


  • Sheila Jasanoff (2021)
  • Shirley M. Tilghman (2020)
  • Ernest J. Moniz (2019)
  • Arati Prabhakar (2018)
  • Senator Chris Coons (2017)
  • Kathryn D. Sullivan (2016)
  • William H. Press (2015)
  • Cherry A. Murray (2014)
  • Freeman Hrabowski (2013)
  • Jeff Bingaman (2012)
  • Charles M. Vest (2011)
  • Vernon J. Ehlers (2010)
  • Richard L. Garwin (2009)
  • Lewis M. Branscomb (2008)
  • Sherwood Boehlert (2007)
  • Harold T. Shapiro (2006)
  • Rush Holt (2005)
  • Harold Varmus (2004)
  • Shirley Ann Jackson (2003)
  • M. R. C. Greenwood (2002)
  • Neal Lane (2001)
  • Rita R. Colwell (2000)
  • John H. Gibbons (1999)
  • George E. Brown Jr. (1998)
  • Philip Hauge Abelson (1997)
  • Maxine Singer (1996)
  • Ralph Gomory (1995)
  • Frank Press (1994)

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