Capitol Connection

The use of biotechnology to grow food and manufacture products is rapidly expanding, but federal regulations and support have not kept pace. What rules should govern the move from the lab to the marketplace? And how can the U.S. remain competitive?

With new public data requirements, are there discoveries just waiting for someone with the right set of analysis tools to dig out? Materials engineers may have a leg up.

AAAS Fellow John 'Jack' Gibbons was a humble and dedicated servant, privately a vigilant and prudent analyst—a buffer against political expedience, according to AAAS Blogger Daryl Chubin, who served with Gibbons at the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Traction is growing for the latest legislation to curb antimicrobial drug overuse. But will it be enough?

How much of your freedom to communicate do you give up when you take a scientific job with the federal government? Do you need your employer's permission to tweet? What about to speak with the press or post on Facebook?

Will the recently proposed Medical Innovation Act help solve the NIH's funding woes?

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health continues to elicit skepticism from critics, despite commitment to fund scientifically rigorous studies.

The James Webb Space Telescope was the topic of a March 24 hearing of the House Subcommittee on Space. The project has been riddled with setbacks and ballooning budgets that have raised Congressional eyebrows in the past.

What if local, state, or federal bonds could be used to fund biomedical research, similar to the bonds that support infrastructure projects such as airports and stadiums? According a recent study, these bonds could be paid back through "amortization from patent royalties or converted to equity in new companies created."

The NIH recently hosted a conference to assess the state of research on the connections between health and buildings, and to examine how the building industry can make more use of science in the practice of building design, construction and operation.