Member Spotlight

Today, AAAS celebrates the 200th birthday of Maria (Ma-RYE-uh) Mitchell — an accomplished astronomer, educator, and our first woman member.

For 20 years, Craig Benkman, a 2017 AAAS fellow, has studied the Cassia crossbill, a flocking finch species found in two lodgepole pine forests in southern Idaho, because they hold some surprising insights about the circumstances that favor the emergence of new species in evolution.

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Chelsea Confalone teaches General and Advanced Biology at Sequoyah High School, a new, progressive school in Pasadena, California.

Global problems like pollution, epidemics and climate change don’t care about borders. So scientists trying to tackle them have to reach across those borders, too.

Flavia Schlegel, who was a medical doctor and public health official before serving as Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences for UNESCO, said that her personality fits that of an engineer.

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For his entire career, Mahadeo Sukhai has devoted himself to both cancer research and improving STEM education for students with disabilities. His extended resume often fools people into thinking he is much older than 39.

Being a science diplomat doesn’t always mean conferences and suits.

If you’re Ernesto Fernandez Polcuch, sometimes it means finding yourself on a boat in a frigid Andean lake … in a suit.

Each month, we highlight a AAAS member who is a force for science.