Member Spotlight

Marie Aloia is an alternate-route engineering teacher at Bayonne High School in Bayonne, New Jersey, where she teaches Intro to Engineering (a class in fundamentals) and Engineering (a second year portfolio class) from a curriculum she designed.

Georgia Tech robotics engineer Ayanna Howard builds robots that can handle glaciers, the rocky surface of Mars, and the sudden moves of inquisitive children.

What’s the biggest challenge?

It’s June—and it’s time for a new batch of AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassadors to start making the rounds.

Welcome to a new generation of scientific discovery. Grab a sign, a water bottle, and some comfortable shoes!

For some crustaceans in Antarctic waters, it’s like having an older sibling at their side to fight off bullies.

If you’ve been watching the series of live chats that AAAS has been hosting recently, you’ve seen Josh Ettinger’s baby.

Chris Spenner is in his tenth year at The Harker School, a private college prep school in San Jose, California, and currently teaches physics and science research classes for 10th through 12th grade students.

Barry Aprison, a biologist and AAAS Fellow, spent two decades designing hands-on exhibits to entice the public into the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Ready to march? Scientists and science boosters worldwide are taking to the streets in support of science education and the use of scientific evidence in public policy.

It was just a little thing—a single slide in an otherwise busy presentation—but it would alter the course of her career, change forever how climate change was reported in the media, and ultimately lead to attacks and counterattacks.