Member Spotlight

Katie Byrd
Teacher, James Baldwin School, New York

For Larry McIntire, biomedical engineering is where new discoveries get turned into products that help people.

Jim Gates, physics professor and string theorist at the University of Maryland, began his journey of discovering and attempting to explain the universe when he was 4. His family was living on an Army base in St.

AAAS Fellow Mary Lidstrom is paving the way for genetically engineering methlyotrophs so they can be harnessed, like tiny factories, to produce specialty chemicals and, perhaps, feedstocks for consumer goods.
AAAS Fellow Michael Posner is one of the nation’s leading experts on the neuroscience of attention. “To be able to measure a thought is intrinsically interesting. [My interest] was probably no greater than that,” he said.
AAAS Fellow Erik Winfree is simulating the computations that occur within cells at the molecular level, and in part involves actually programming molecules to do a job.
AAAS member Melissa Brown is a high school teacher near Charlottesville, Virginia. Her love of science is fueled by the fact that "science is always changing" and "teaching allows me to learn [about new discoveries] along with my students," she said.
AAAS member and geochemist Alan Mix studies microscopic shell fossils to learn about past climate. This has allowed him to glimpse how our planet's climate has shifted. Ultimately, what these shells reveal could provide a peek into our climate-changing future.