Become a Fellow

Applications are now open for the pilot year of the AAAS Community Engagement Fellows Program. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, 16th October 2016. For a complete timeline see the About page.

Expectations for Fellows during the program

Support the Program’s mission to professionalize scientific community building

Spend the majority of their work time during the fellowship on community engagement activities

Champion a community engagement strategy in their organization

Support members of their organization in the use of community tools or platforms

Drive engagement in their organization's community(ies) by creating and managing content, data, and relationships

Participate in training events at AAAS, monthly webinars, and regular online discussions

Work collaboratively with the other Fellows to share knowledge and compare experiences

How to apply

If you are currently working as a scientific community manager and wish to participate in the program in that capacity, or if you are looking to become a community engagement manager within one of our host organizations, please apply via the application portal.

Before applying, please carefully review the eligibility criteria below as well as our definitions of community engagement and community manager. If you have any questions before applying, please contact:

Eligibility and selection criteria for new entrants to community engagement

  • Education up to or including graduate level in a STEM discipline – or ability to demonstrate familiarity with the STEM community         
  • Depending on the placement, a host organization may require research experience
  • Interest and familiarity with cultural issues within science which may include: developments in scholarly communications and publishing practices, the STEM funding landscape and general interest topics of importance to researchers
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills – including a blog or other online presence
  • Evidence of strategic communication planning e.g., in a formal or informal marketing or communications role
  • Familiar with and comfortable using a wide range of online tools
  • Evidence of leadership and project management – particularly in roles that require negotiating change and/or bringing together individuals from different backgrounds or locations
  • Comfortable multi-tasking, keeping to deadline and remaining calm and polite under pressure

Additional eligibility and selection criteria for current community managers

  • Evidence of a history of successful community engagement activities either within a professional association or similar organization, or within a research collaboration context
  • An ongoing project or strategic plan for a new community-building project that will span the fellowship year
  • Their employer’s consent and supervisor’s support to participate fully in the Community Engagement Fellows Program – including attending all in-person meetings at the start, mid-term and end of the program, plus contributing to monthly webinars and other ongoing discussions with the cohort and AAAS staff (activities that may total up to 15% of their time during an average week)

Fellows will apply by submitting:

  • A CV or resume of no more than 2 pages
  • A Candidate Statement, of no more than two pages, that includes:         
    • Academic or professional background
    • Any specific experience or involvement with scientific collaboration or community-building
    • Reasons for interest in the Community Engagement Fellows Program
    • If the candidate is a new entrant to the field and looking to be placed in an organization, the candidate will need to indicate any preferences for the subject-specific or task-specific nature of the role
    • If the candidate is already a community manager, the candidate should discuss two examples of community-building projects they've been involved with
  • Names and contact details of referees (one may be the supervisor if the candidate is already in a community engagement role)

If the candidate is already in a community management job (s)he will additionally need to provide:        

  • An up-to-date job description
  • A Supervisor Statement, of up to two pages, to include answers to following questions:                 
    • Do you allow the candidate to participate in in-person training at AAAS as part of their job? (This includes 1 week in January 2017, 2 days in June 2017, and 2 days in December 2017; AAAS will cover travel and hotel expenses.)
    • Do you concur with the responsibilities/tasks stated by the candidate in the Candidate Statement and job description?
    • What benefit would you like to see from the candidate’s involvement in the program?
    • How will you involve the Fellow in conversations about community strategy?
    • How will you support the Fellow’s efforts to build engagement and adopt community tools?

Application materials will be assessed along the following dimensions:

  • Extent of scientific training and research experience
  • Skill or aptitude for interpersonal communication and relationship-building
  • Project management and strategic abilities
  • Online science communication activities or evidence of effective use of technology for teamwork