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Scientific Collaborations with Human Rights Organizations

This series of webinars is being developed by a AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition project team and is intended to provide useful information to human rights organizations in designing and executing systematic evaluations of their programs and projects (Team Leader: Oliver Moles).

Webinars in this Series

March 7, 2019

Data in Service to Humanitarian Action, Peace and Human Rights

May 21, 2019

Skills to Succeed: Approaches to Blending Science and Human Rights

June 27, 2019

The "Science Factor" in Human Rights Litigation: Engineering a Legal
Solution for a Threatened Historic Mexican Town

Below, recordings of all our webinars are archived. Also find two curated lists for further resources and expert assistance available for human rights program evaluations. As the series progresses, more resources will be added.

Past Webinar Series

Evaluation 101 for Human Rights Organizations (2017)
Innovations in Human Rights Program Evaluation (2018)

Webinar Archive

Data in Service to Humanitarian Peace, Action and Human Rights
March 7, 2019: Phuong Pham and Patrick Vinck from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative discuss the scope of the Initiative and how they develop research and technology that is locally grounded and relevant to local, national and international actors who work to enhance humanitarian assistance. Learn more »

Further Resources

Coming soon!


AAAS On-call Scientists
This program connects scientists, engineers, and health professionals interested in volunteering their skills and knowledge with human rights organizations that are in need of technical expertise. Over 1,300 volunteers are located around the world. 

Statistics Without Borders
Statistics Without Borders is an outreach group of the American Statistical Association. Over 2,000 members are available to provide pro bono assistance in planning and conducting evaluations.