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Applied sciences and engineering/Agriculture/Aquaculture

Educating future scientists and ensuring all identities are represented are at the core of AAAS’ STEM education projects.

Thirty aspiring science diplomats gathered in South Africa for a regional workshop on science diplomacy, an inaugural training partnership.
Ocean seagrass meadows reduce bacteria unhealthful to humans and marine organisms by up to 50%, a new study shows, and they also decrease the likelihood of disease in coral reefs by half.
A new "Great Wall" runs along 60% of mainland China's coastlines. But the push to gain more land for economic development could put the country’s coastal wetlands and the services they provide at risk, researchers say.

For three years as science adviser at the U.S. State Department and USAID, Nina Fedoroff urged the world research community to collaborate on “truly global problems that do not respect political boundaries or political positions.”