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Applied sciences and engineering/Applied ecology/Ecological modeling/Climate modeling

AAAS’ latest initiative will amplify and open opportunities for scientists to participate in public discussions and decision-making in their communities about local responses to climate change impacts.

The governing body of the American Association for the Advancement of Science voted Saturday to enact a policy under which an elected AAAS Fellow’s lifetime honor can be revoked for proven scientific misconduct or serious breaches of professional ethics.

The AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy’s, along with the Science and Education Policy Association (SEPA), held a stimulating pre-conference workshop to share practices and exchange perspectives on science diplomacy education and training and participate in a hands-on climate diplomacy negotiation simulation.

The current spending caps have constrained Congress while fights over climate research dollars continue.
Representatives approved only small funding tweaks to the committee-approved Energy and Water bill, which now heads to the Senate.
Several amendments attempted to cut or raise funding for science and technology offices as the House passed its Department of Energy funding bill.