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Insights from green stormwater infrastructure leaders and practitioners in Tucson, New Orleans, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia on WaterNow’s recent webinar with the AAAS EPI Center provided practical and inspirational ways other cities and stormwater managers can navigate data and implementation challenges.

Studies show that hydraulic fracturing can lead to environmental issues such as water contamination, soil contamination, and air pollution including the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. 

Depending on lifestyle and consumption patterns, each person on the planet can generate tons of waste over the course of his or her life. The total amount of trash skyrockets with the farm, mine, and industrial wastes generated during the production of food, power, and consumer items.

“Working with Waste,” the 10 August special issue of Science, highlights the fact that trash can often be turned into treasure—a feedstock that the human race can’t afford to overlook as a burgeoning world population tries to use (and reuse) its resources more efficiently.