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Applied sciences and engineering/Applied physics/Applied optics/Light sources

As in many other venues where change is made, STPF alumni fellows are fanned out across the Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories.
Recent news bites from fellows and alumni.
The House committee bill adopts familiar contours on science and technology programs.

Engineers and scientists can be lifesavers to people in the developing world, but many who try to solve problems on their own often find the results of their efforts are short-lived and of limited reach. Entrepreneur Saul Garlick said that he learned that lesson firsthand when he tried to help a school in South Africa.

Dan Pearce—an engineer, architect, general contractor, and artist—is enjoying a circuitous career. He spent nearly a decade as an aerospace engineer at NASA in Houston and then he moved with his wife as she pursued an academic career at the University of Virginia.

Not finding many aerospace engineering opportunities in his new hometown of Charlottesville, Pearce became involved in other projects, including building a solar-powered house for his family and creating unusual sculptures.