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Mammals have substantially smaller ranges in areas where human activity is high.
Determining if a fire is accidental or due to arson is a process often plagued by poorly understood science, subjective judgments on the part of investigators and inadequately trained personnel, according to a new AAAS report on the quality of fire investigation in the United States.
Jeffrey Dukes gets straight to the point. “Climate change is real and it isn’t going to correct itself. The wise thing to do, in my opinion, is to prepare for those changes, and try to minimize [them].” He notes that communicating climate science is about engaging your audience, “speak[ing] to their values and concerns, not just tell[ing] them what you think they should hear.”

Students who have mentors and the encouragement found at the Emerging Researchers Network Conference are more likely to continue in STEM education, research finds, making it especially important for underrepresented minorities and women.