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Applied sciences and engineering/Computer science/Computer modeling/Computer simulation

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A three-dimensional computer simulation of a beating heart is among the first place winners of the 2012 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the journal Science.

Two innovative computer simulations that help undergraduates explore mysteries in molecular biology—from genetic disease to flower color—have received the Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Education.

The award-winning simulation called CaseIt! was designed by Mark Bergland of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and colleagues. The online educational module allows students to role-play their way through case studies such as tracing the source of an HIV infection.

A giant asteroid that struck the moon long ago, creating what is possibly the largest and oldest impact crater in the entire solar system, may explain the surprisingly strong magnetic fields that emanate from the lunar crust today, researchers say in the 8 March issue of Science.