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Applied sciences and engineering/Energy resources/Fuel/Fossil fuels

Representatives approved only small funding tweaks to the committee-approved Energy and Water bill, which now heads to the Senate.
The House committee bill adopts familiar contours on science and technology programs.
A few low-carbon R&D programs avoided what would have been drastic cuts, and most would recover significant funding from sequester levels.
John P. Holdren (Image courtesy of Martha Stewart)

John P. Holdren
(Image courtesy of
Martha Stewart)

by Bert Richard Johannes Bolin

The author is the former chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the recipient of the 1998 AAAS International Scientific Cooperation Award. This speech was delivered at the CAIP Annual Luncheon Meeting on February 15th during the 1998 AAAS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA