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Applied sciences and engineering/Energy resources/Geothermal energy

Using a dense system of instruments deployed around the well, the team monitored nearby seismic activity so that they could recommend changes to the project’s pumping operations.

Senate appropriators begin to step away from big cuts in fiscal 2018 spending and set down investments in the scientific and technology enterprise.
The link between earthquakes and the energy industry is growing clearer, but fracking itself isn’t the culprit, experts said at the AAAS Annual Meeting.
A closer look at some of the major science and technology agencies and what they got.

More than 300 scientists and engineers traveled to Capitol Hill to raise visibility and support for federal investment in research and development as part of the 2010 Science, Engineering, and Technology Congressional Visits Day.

A day before their appointments with members of Congress and their staffs, the participants—including scientists, engineers, educators, students, and technology executives from around the country—came to AAAS headquarters for an afternoon orientation where top science policy officials outlined the federal government’s science and technology priorities.