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Applied sciences and engineering/Energy resources

AAAS Symposium Sheds Light on Potential Disasters—and Remedies The Mekong River courses over some 2,700 miles of dramatically changing terrain, traverses six Southeast Asian countries from China’s Tibetan Plateau to the South China Sea, supports one of the planet’s most productive inland fisheries and continues to reshape a region it has defined for thousands of years.
Communicating the value of science is a vital undertaking that will continue long after the March for Science brings together friends and supporters worldwide, said several experts at the 2017 AAAS Science & Technology Policy Forum.
The nation’s incoming president needs to move quickly to appoint a respected scientist or engineer to serve as the next science adviser to ensure immediate input on issues related to science, according to recommendations laid out in a report from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy released on 14 September.