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The new issue of Science & Diplomacy, AAAS’s quarterly publication, offers a framework for nations seeking to pursue science diplomacy and articles exploring a range of promising initiatives undertaken in Africa, the Middle East, and even in orbit above Earth.

Middle-school teachers Carol Rentas, Mary Joyner, and Michael Kelley folded cardboard strips into rectangles to build a miniature bridge during a recent AAAS workshop. Two other teachers, Shavonne Brown and Desirée Heyliger, stabilized their X-shaped bridge with straws. A third team, John Anthony and Ericka Jeter, built a six-legged frame for their model bridge.

The first private university in North Korea, the decades-long dream of an American businessman from Korea, has been completed and will enroll its first students this spring, demonstrating the potential to build a science-based relationship with a nation often perceived as isolated.