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Applied sciences and engineering/Engineering/Civil engineering/Waste management/Recycling

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day theme, SB&F has selected books and films that focus on environmental issues, particularly on plastic pollution and recycling.
Only about 40 percent of used electronics are currently collected for recycling, and much of that is "down-cycled" into materials of lesser quality, but the computer company aims to change that.

The AAAS Caribbean Division will convene 22 September at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) in San Juan for a day-long conference that explores the lessons that scientists can learn from architects and other designers.

A few years ago, physicist Damian Pope was talking to a colleague at a party who mentioned that Einstein’s theory of relativity helps maintain the accuracy of GPS, something that took him by surprise. “I felt strongly that the link between relativity and the GPS was a powerful story and that most people didn’t know about it,” Pope said. “I wanted to help spread the word.”