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Find new ways to incorporate invention education -- and inventing green -- into your school through a new collection of Science NetLinks resources and a webinar.
Don't wait for oil and gas production to run dry, the former U.S. Energy Secretary said, Instead, bet on technological advances in alternate and efficient energy.

It was cold, wet, and muddy in the large white tent that served as the home of the 2011 National Sustainable Design Expo on the National Mall, but it did not deter hundreds of people from coming to observe what one attendee called “a science fair for adults.”

Middle-school teachers Carol Rentas, Mary Joyner, and Michael Kelley folded cardboard strips into rectangles to build a miniature bridge during a recent AAAS workshop. Two other teachers, Shavonne Brown and Desirée Heyliger, stabilized their X-shaped bridge with straws. A third team, John Anthony and Ericka Jeter, built a six-legged frame for their model bridge.