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Applied sciences and engineering/Engineering/Materials engineering/Polymer engineering/Synthetic polymers/Plastics

Families are greeted by the sound of laughter and whirring robots upon arrival to Family Science Days in Texas’ Austin Convention Center.
Blinking eye cells on a polymer chip – along with other “organs-on-chips” – offer a new way to examine the effects of drug treatments on humans, according to the panelists of a Feb. 16 news briefing at the 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting.
Welcome back and good luck with the new school year. Let Science NetLinks offer you some new STEM resources, including lessons, tools, and Science Updates. Then tell us how Science NetLinks can help you and your students.
Find new ways to incorporate invention education -- and inventing green -- into your school through a new collection of Science NetLinks resources and a webinar.
Here are some toys that will help young children build coding skills! A brief list of recommended toys to help kids learn to code.
Researchers Use Maker Technologies to Advance Their Work
AAAS member Melissa Brown is a high school teacher near Charlottesville, Virginia. Her love of science is fueled by the fact that "science is always changing" and "teaching allows me to learn [about new discoveries] along with my students," she said.