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Applied sciences and engineering/Engineering/Nuclear engineering

New opportunities in Cuba and elsewhere are quickly opening up for scientific collaboration, but persistence and relationship-building are key to sustaining science diplomacy over the long haul, experts said at a AAAS conference.

Does science have all the answers? It certainly has methods that have proved highly effective in understanding the natural world, nuclear scientist Ian Hutchinson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said at a recent AAAS discussion on whether science can explain everything.

The AAAS Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division will convene in Houston from 8-10 April to explore the latest advances in 21st century fields such as biomedical research, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology.

More than 400 researchers are expected during the three days of presentations at Rice University. Houston is also the site of Baylor College of Medicine, which is co-hosting the meeting, and of the Texas Medical Center, making it a capital of cutting-edge research in medicine and fields of biology, chemistry, and engineering that are related to medicine.