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Applied sciences and engineering/Information science

A daily, 60-second radio program produced by AAAS that provides tidbits of scientific information online and over the airwaves marked its 30th anniversary on Jan. 11.
International Forum Looks at Ways To Improve Science's Global Reputation Scientists must connect personally with policymakers, speakers said at this year’s World Science Forum.
AAAS and Researchers Launch Project to Understand How Policymakers Use Science AAAS and several academic researchers are joining forces to collect information to guide scientists on how best to engage with policymakers.
Articles published in scientific journals can effectively teach scientific concepts to high school and college students, educators participating in a two-day workshop hosted by AAAS’ Science in the Classroom learned.
Trust-building, effective communication and hands-on diplomatic experience were the focuses of the 2017 Science Diplomacy & Leadership Workshop.