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Applied sciences and engineering/Systems theory

Hydrologist Eloise Kendy, an American Geological Institute-sponsored fellow in the U.S. Senate from 2003-04, is a key member of the team that implemented an historic experimental pulse flow of water into the Colorado River's dry delta.
The emigration of scientists has historically paid off for host countries, but as networks of diaspora scientists become stronger, the benefits are flowing back to scientists’ homelands and enhancing cooperation in both directions.

by Julia Marton-Lefèvre

The author is Executive Director of Leadership for Environment and Development International Inc., and the recipient of the 1999 AAAS International Scientific Cooperation Award. Presented at the CAIP Annual Luncheon Meeting on Sunday, January 24, 1999, AAAS Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA

Hello, I am Melissa Hagemann, Program Officer of the Science Journals Donation Program of the Open Society Institute/Soros Foundations. Thank you for inviting me to participate in this meeting.