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The JWST finally opened its golden, infrared eye and gave us a glimpse of our universe in stunning, unprecedented detail.

Chile's Ambassador to the U.S., Ambassador Alfonso Silva spoke with Kim Montgomery, Executive Editor of Science & Diplomacy, on Chile’s science diplomacy initiatives.

The Event Horizon Telescope revealed one of the darkest and most elusive phenomena in the known universe.

Schaal is known for her innovative research in plant sciences, in addition to her contributions to Washington University in St. Louis, the National Academy of Sciences, and PCAST.

A massive computing project that pools the collective power of hundreds of thousands of computers owned by volunteers from 192 different countries to “mine” large data sets has discovered a rare, isolated pulsar with a very low magnetic field, researchers say. This international computing network is known as Einstein@Home and the pulsar it identified, called PSR J2007+2722, represents the volunteer project’s first deep-space discovery.