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The watershed of the world’s third largest estuary — the Chesapeake Bay — covers 64,000 square miles and is home to almost 18 million people who benefit from the flood control, food sources and recreational opportunities that the ecosystem provides.
By STPF fellows Teresa Stoepler, Andrea Carson, and Harvey Hill
Foresters favor planting tree species that have increased rather than mitigated warming over time, researchers find.
Hydrologist Eloise Kendy, an American Geological Institute-sponsored fellow in the U.S. Senate from 2003-04, is a key member of the team that implemented an historic experimental pulse flow of water into the Colorado River's dry delta.

Water is becoming scarcer as climate change alters its availability, while population growth is fueling an ever-growing demand. These realities make clear that society must move beyond old approaches to regulating and managing water to meet future challenges, John Tubbs, a veteran water policy leader, said at AAAS.