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Environmental sciences/Ecology/Community ecology/Invasive species

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Jeffrey Dukes gets straight to the point. “Climate change is real and it isn’t going to correct itself. The wise thing to do, in my opinion, is to prepare for those changes, and try to minimize [them].” He notes that communicating climate science is about engaging your audience, “speak[ing] to their values and concerns, not just tell[ing] them what you think they should hear.”

Evelyn Lamb wrote an ode to the importance of algebra during her AAAS fellowship with Scientific American. Meeri Kim reported on advances in preventing blindness, which prompted an older reader of the Philadelphia Inquirer to seek medical care that reportedly saved her vision. Jon Bardin contributed to Los Angeles Times coverage of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover landing. Ian C. Campbell ventured waist-deep into a river for an Oregonian story about a Native American harvest of eel-like creatures called lamprey.