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Environmental sciences/Ecology/Evolutionary ecology/Ecological adaptation

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On May 8, Jessica Hellmann was one of eight recipients of the 2017 Climate Adaptation Leadership Award, for her role in developing new ecosystem management techniques. Like the other AAAS Leshner Leadership Institute Public Engagement Fellows, she has excelled in both her research career and as a communicator and leader. She finds that her engagement activities can often feed into her scientific work and make it more effective and readily applicable.
BOSTON – Fisheries around the world are likely to come under increasing pressure from climate change. But effective, cooperative management approaches can blunt the projected impacts on both fish stocks and on the billions of people who depend on them – and in some cases even improve the health of key fisheries.

Climate change is opening a Northern bonanza for oil, rare earths, and even fish, but experts speaking at AAAS warned that U.S. policy in fields ranging from the environment to Arctic diplomacy may be adapting too slowly to emerging challenges.

Their assessment was a mix of optimism and measured concern: Where some accounts have predicted a new era of geopolitical conflict or even a militarized Arctic, the speakers instead suggested that international cooperation in science and diplomacy is already reducing the risk of conflict in the region.

The 2010 Annual Meeting of the AAAS Arctic Division will convene 13-15 September in Anchorage, Alaska, with the theme “Water: Integrating Health, Habitat and Economy.” Arctic residents face environmental challenges from climate change and land use, and participants at the meeting will discuss how to adapt to those challenges