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The severity of the new coronavirus — how many people might die from the viral infection — is the biggest question surrounding the outbreak, a panel of public health researchers said at the AAAS Annual Meeting.

The largest survey data set of western Africa chimpanzees and gorillas will guide conservation efforts in the region.
Emerging viruses already circulating in the Western Hemisphere could infect fetal tissue and might have the capacity to cause birth defects, according to preclinical findings published January 31 in Science Translational Medicine.
Havana Symposium Co-Organized by AAAS Leads to Promising Research Partnerships

Infectious Disease Scientists Kick Off Yearlong Public Engagement Fellowship Scientists studying infectious diseases immersed themselves in storytelling, social media and live interviews among other activities during an intensive week that kicked off a year-long appointment as AAAS Leshner Leadership Institute Public Engagement Fellows.