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Health and medicine/Diseases and disorders/Vision disorders/Blindness

Junyue Cao is the grand prize winner of the 2020 Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists, for his technologies to track the formation of individual cells as they arise in a whole organism.

Scientific meetings are essential for the collaboration and exchange of ideas that drive science forward, as researchers' testimonials to AAAS show.

Evelyn Lamb wrote an ode to the importance of algebra during her AAAS fellowship with Scientific American. Meeri Kim reported on advances in preventing blindness, which prompted an older reader of the Philadelphia Inquirer to seek medical care that reportedly saved her vision. Jon Bardin contributed to Los Angeles Times coverage of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover landing. Ian C. Campbell ventured waist-deep into a river for an Oregonian story about a Native American harvest of eel-like creatures called lamprey.

Fuels made from plants, such as algae or wood pulp, may be among important solutions to energy and climate change challenges as we proceed further into the 21st century. However, despite that fact and other potential benefits offered by plants, our photosynthetic friends often get overlooked in school in favor of animals, according to studies of science classrooms.