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Life sciences/Evolutionary biology

To protect funding for basic research, the foundation for all science applications, scientists need to do a better job explaining the value of their work, panelists said at the AAAS Forum on S&T Policy.

Events: The Robert C. Barnard Environmental Lecture

mccarthy2009 LECTURE:

Climate Change Science and the Utility of Assessments

Dr. James J. McCarthy
Alexander Agassiz Professor of Biological Oceanography
Harvard University

Movies like the 'Lion King' have given hyenas a bad reputation of lawless scavengers. But these unique hunters actually live in complex social groups.

When it comes to social hierarchy in wild baboons, top-ranking or “alpha” males have higher stress hormone levels than second-ranking males, suggesting that being at the very top of baboon society may be more costly than previously thought, reports a new study in the 15 July issue of the journal Science.