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Life sciences/Microbiology/Bacteriology/Bacterial species/Bacterial strains

Scientists testing a new vaccine and probiotic treatment have found that both reduce the severity of cholera infections in rabbits and mice.
Thousands of science enthusiasts braved a driving rain on Saturday to participate in the March for Science in Washington, D.C., joining crowds at hundreds of other satellite events across the globe to celebrate what the head of the American Association for the Advancement of Science called “civilization’s best friend.”

Researchers have identified a species of bacteria that uses just two enzymes to break down a tough type of plastic polymer. The findings are published in the 11 March issue of Science.

The research team hopes to sample bacteria from other mummies in South America and Asia to develop a more complete picture of human migrations.

Crop scientists think the newly-discovered protein could lead to ways to block the infection and grow rice using fewer pesticides.