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Life sciences/Organismal biology/Animals/Domesticated animals/Livestock

Sy Montgomery introduces her award-winning book, Temple Grandin: How the Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism and Changed the World.
International research partnerships may help protect the region's diverse natural resources, delegates write in the latest issue of Science & Diplomacy.
Human activity may cause cheetahs and pumas to expend more energy than usual in finding and stalking prey.
An understanding of how to cultivate a healthy “microbiome” in our living areas is now getting off the ground, boosted by next-generation DNA sequencing technologies.

The widening rift between the left and right in American politics may be truly visceral in part, driven as much by subconscious predispositions among voters as by examination of the issues, according to a recent AAAS-organized panel discussion.

Researchers have been measuring and probing those hidden tendencies in recent years, speakers said, and political professionals are starting to exploit them in campaigns.