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There's definitely a lot of science involved in sports, and what better time to talk about some of it than during a worldwide quadrennial athletic event?

Las Vegas

Organized loosely around the theme “desert science,” the annual meeting of the AAAS Pacific Division is expected to draw hundreds of science students, faculty, professionals and members of the public to the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, 16-19 June.

The frosty highlands of the Tibetan Plateau may have been an evolutionary cradle for woolly rhinos and other shaggy, cold-hardy creatures that roamed North America and Eurasia during the last Ice Age, according to a new study in Science.

The 2 September report describes fossils from an ancient species of woolly rhino that was roaming the Zanda Basin on the Tibetan Plateau 3.7 million years ago, sweeping snow out of its way with an elongated face and massive nasal horn.