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Life sciences/Physiology/Systems physiology

At the recent USA Science & Engineering Festival, hands-on science exhibits, stage presentations and informal “ask-the-scientist” sessions were made possible by some 75 volunteers, including 34 non-staff members.

The AAAS Pacific Division will convene in Boise, Idaho, from 24-27 June with symposia, lectures, and field trips that span the fields of science and hold strong appeal both for researchers and the public.

The division’s 93rd annual meeting will feature presentations that explore space travel, forensic psychology, Western ecological issues, and the connection between science and the arts. And there will be a series of field trips to explore the landscapes and human cultures of Western Idaho.

An ultra-thin electronic device attaches to the skin like a temporary tattoo and measures heart rate and other vital signs without the bulky electrodes used in current hospital monitoring, reports a new study in the 11 August issue of the journal Science.

The device could also potentially be used as an electronic bandage to speed up healing in wounds, burns, and other skin conditions, and it could even provide touch sense to prosthetic devices such as artificial legs or arms.