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Life sciences/Plant sciences/Plants/Mosses

A collective analysis of R&D provisions in the President's budget from the Intersociety Working Group.

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Arleen B Rifkind
Asher Etkin
Bruce J Oberhardt
Charles Bedord
Constance J Glover
David E Meyer
David Franz
David Schmidling
Drummond Rennie
Dwight Warren
Edward J Faeder
Edwin Morgens
Eileen Choffnes
Elske Smith
Eugene Johnsen
Felix Castrodad
G Chapman
Harvey B Lillywhite
J Thomas Dickinson
Jack McKay
James C Aller
James Onoda
James W Dewey
Jan Orenstein
Jeffrey Fedan
John Kane
John R Goss
Ken Thompson
Lajos Piko
Lansing Sloan
Leslie Ungerleider
M Duncan
M L Rice
Mark Weinstein
Matthew Zack
Paul Zedler
Richard Glaenzer
Robert Butler
Robert E Terrell
Robert Gennis
Ronald Lundquist
Ruth Schmitter
S F Cottrell
S Silberstein
Sam T Donta
William H Thibaut