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Physical sciences/Chemistry/Analytical chemistry/Sample preparation

The study provides the first isotopic evidence that the moon formed from a collision between Earth and a mysterious planetary object.

A novel form of interaction between bacteria and tubeworms prompts the worms to switch from free-swimming larvae to sedentary juveniles, researchers report.
Students hunted down bedbugs and scoured fish markets to find material for their DNA barcoding project.

Analyzing DNA from Pap smears could help detect endometrial and ovarian cancer, according to a new study appearing in the 9 January issue of the journal Science Translational Medicine.

The finding could be a potentially life-saving screening tool for women. The routine Pap smear, which allows doctors to detect abnormal cells in a woman’s cervix, was recently updated to screen for human papillomavirus or HPV using DNA testing.

In October 2009, a Science report that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) were infected with XMRV attracted a great deal of attention, but subsequent studies could not confirm this finding. Now, a new study in the 22 September edition of ScienceExpress reports that the lab tests used to detect the retrovirus called XMRV in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome are unreliable. The study is accompanied by a partial retraction of the original Science paper.