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Physical sciences/Chemistry/Chemical processes/Chemical reactions

There’s more than a bit of playful mischief in the chemistry-themed videos produced by University of Nottingham professor Martyn Poliakoff, journalist Brady Haran, and the rest of their merry cast of characters. The videos—which are available on YouTube and started by featuring each of the elements in the periodic table—involve chemical reactions to please any video-watching wise guy, science geek or not. One shows what happens to a cheeseburger after it has been lowered halfway into a beaker of hydrochloric acid and left for a few hours.

Project 2061, AAAS’s long-term science literacy initiative, is embarking on a new three-year project to design and test classroom and teacher-support materials in the critical areas of middle school chemistry and biochemistry.

Chemically speaking, you become a different person when you run, according to new research in Science Translational Medicine that maps how chemicals change in the blood during exercise.

The study, by Gregory Lewis and colleagues from Massachusetts General Hospital, identified chemical switches in the body that are distinctly different during exercise in more-fit people versus less-people.