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Physical sciences/Earth sciences/Atmospheric science/Atmospheric physics/Lightning

The FY 2016 budget resolution makes clear the differing priorities between the parties.
More lightning strikes could trigger wildfires and change the chemistry of our atmosphere.

Dr. H’s students not only learn physics, they write physics books. After a handful of lectures, George “Dr. H” Hademenos instructed his teenage pupils to author children’s books about energy, weather, and other subjects in physics. For his inventive approach at Richardson High School in Texas, Hademenos won AAAS’s 2011 Leadership in Science Education Prize for High School Teachers.

In the midst of egg-rolling as well as face-painting, story-telling, yoga demonstrations, and performances by Elmo and Willow Smith, AAAS volunteers offered games and activities to help children learn about how their bodies work at the annual White House Egg Roll.