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Physical sciences/Earth sciences/Atmospheric science

A recent AAAS conference brought together about 200 scientists, clergy, environmentalists, public health specialists, journalists, and people of faith for a wide-ranging discussion on how to improve the conversation between the religious and scientific communities.
Schaal is known for her innovative research in plant sciences, in addition to her contributions to Washington University in St. Louis, the National Academy of Sciences, and PCAST.
The need for systemic reform based on proven teaching methods is clear and can no longer wait, according to a report from the Coalition for Reform of Undergraduate STEM Education.
Science Perceptions Workshop drew scientific and religious leaders together for discussion about scientific topics of concern in the Colorado region
Before diving into the world of social media, scientists should decide what they want to achieve, experts advised.

BEIJING—Top officials from AAAS and Chinese science and technology organizations have signed a series of agreements to collaborate on publishing and education projects and to seek future engagement in fields that could range from ethics and sustainable development to public engagement.

Welcome to the DoSER Director’s Corner! Here Jennifer Wiseman will share her reflections on public dialogue at the interface of science, ethics, and religion and how DoSER is working to support constructive exchange and understanding between these communities. This is also an opportunity to explore positive and productive ideas; we welcome your thoughts.

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