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Physical sciences/Earth sciences/Natural disasters

At a AAAS briefing, experts challenged misconceptions about the permanence of post-traumatic stress and described evidence-based treatments that have helped veterans and other trauma survivors.
Rafe Sagarin (2002-03 Congressional Fellow sponsored by Geological Society of America) applies observations of nature to issues of broad societal concern.
Stopping intentional misuse of beneficial science and technologies will require applying the social and natural sciences, good communication, and international collaboration, panelists told a AAAS audience.

It’s never too late to add a good science book to the summer reading list, with the help of AAAS’s Science Books & Film (SB&F). The publication has released a special “Best Books” edition that offers full reviews of its best books for 2011.

When it comes to security challenges, the natural world demonstrates the values of decentralizing, learning from success, and forming symbiotic relationships, ecologist and author Rafe Sagarin told an audience at AAAS.

Such insights are particularly compelling in the post-9/11 environment as the federal government invests billions of dollars in technology and training to increase national security.