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The 2015 AAAS Arctic Science Conference focused on the health and sustainability of estuaries, as well as other climate-driven changes to the region's environment.
Thousands of samples collected from around the world will help scientists learn more about how plankton potentially influence food webs and climate change.
An op-ed by climate scientist Camille Parmesan and AAAS CEO Alan I. Leshner urges the Texas State Board of Education to reject draft textbooks, unless they are edited to correct climate-change facts.
The new sites suggest that human adaptation to harsh environments could have happened earlier or faster than thought.

Cable news junkies, take heart: if you love wall-to-wall coverage of hurricanes, wildfires and superstorms, your future viewing schedules will be jam-packed.

Researchers at the AAAS Annual Meeting said that wild weather events like Superstorm Sandy and the severe Texas drought are the new normal in North America, as human-driven climate change has made these events more intense and more frequent.

Consider these facts: