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Physical sciences/Physics/Particle physics/Atomic physics/Atomic structure

AAAS Fellow and a member awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing a type of microscopy that reveals life’s smallest molecules at work.
Learn about what it's like to work in science with our series of interviews with STEM professionals.

Two recent announcements made clear the need for hands-on science and engineering education that AAAS Senior Scientists and Engineers (SSE) volunteers help provide when they visit classrooms to share their experience with students.

First, a national report card assessing science performance in eighth graders found that students tested in 2011 made only small improvements over those tested in 2009, and that gender and racial performance gaps remain.

AAAS has launched an innovative Web site with more than 600 multiple-choice test questions to help educators assess more precisely what students know about key ideas in science and—just as importantly—the incorrect ideas they have.