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Leaders of the China Association for Science and Technology met May 16 with AAAS counterparts to explore ways to build on longstanding collaborations.
The Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering 2018 in Rwanda featured African research and explored how to accelerate the continent’s innovation capacity.
The Center for Science Diplomacy invites proposals for panel and poster sessions for Science Diplomacy 2018 in Washington, DC.
AAAS applauded 73 House and Senate lawmakers Wednesday for fighting to keep out of a final tax overhaul measure provisions that would saddle graduate students with significant tax increases.
Proposed Rule Lacks Detail, Needs Revision to Avert Weakening U.S. Innovation Dozens of scientific and academic groups are raising concerns and urging the State Department to provide additional details about a proposed rule that would subject tens of thousands of visa applicants deemed to warrant more stringent scrutiny to additional vetting procedures.
Opportunities to get involved in citizen science are everywhere, including your own backyard, according to speakers at the AAAS teach-in tent that was part of the March for Science festivities in Washington, D.C. on April 22.