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A small, elite team of four mathematicians from U.S. high schools will participate in the Mexican Mathematical Olympiad beginning Monday 12 November in the city of Guanajuato.

The intensive competition will span two days, with results announced on Friday 16 November. The students were selected for the team based on their skills in math and Spanish after an intensive 10-day special training program in August organized by AAAS.

The four members of the AAAS team are:

The first time George Friedlander participated in a national mathematics competition, he wasn’t quite up to the challenge. “I got destroyed,” he admits now, “and I realized I had a lot to learn.”

But the Bronx High School of Science junior and two other American students performed at top levels last month at the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad in Tunisia. The team of Friedlander, Joseph Feffer, Gabriel Grell, and Rachit Singh had the third highest score among the nine teams competing.

Patricia Wallace, one of the people behind a Web site that connects, informs, and helps mentor gifted math and science students, sees the online resource as a way to nurture this country’s next generation of innovators.