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Inspire students to pursue careers in the sciences by sharing the incredible diversity of scientists and the work they do in STEM.
Alumnus AAAS S&T Policy Fellow DJ Patil has been named by the White House as its first-ever chief data scientist.
Learn about what it's like to work in science with our new series.
Before building more roads, bridges, and highways, policymakers need to evaluate how current transportation options can be used more effectively, speakers said at a AAAS event.
By putting people at the center of product development and combining their different perspectives, artists and scientists can create better products and ultimately more jobs, experts said at the AAAS Forum on Science & Technology Policy.
A federal capital budget for research and development might help reduce the swings in funding that plague research and development, the former Lockheed Martin CEO said at the AAAS Forum on Science & Technology Policy.