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Scientific community/Science communication

The definition of "boundary spanning” has evolved since the term first emerged in the 1950s. Read about present-day trends and best practices in today's blog. 

Dr. Erica Bakota believes scientists have a "credibility problem". Here she explains the issue and ways scientists can address it when they engage audiences.

Lucy Jones empowered the city to plan for the next major earthquake.

This year’s Communicating Science Seminar on February 14 at the 2019 AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC covered a particularly wide range of topics: in addition to two panels, it offered eight afternoon breakout sessions.

Emily Cloyd from AAAS and Elyse Aurbach from the University of Michigan will lead a discussion on how we might understand the public engagement community as a whole. Our #SciEngage community connects scientists and publics in many ways. How do we understand the relationships between different forms of public engagement with science? Which spaces, audiences, practices, and attitudes are common, and which are distinct? How might we leverage our differences to enrich and evolve our collective field? In this #SciEngage meeting, we will explore the AAAS typology of public engagement with science and a case study in mapping and describing the public engagement landscape at the University of Michigan in order to spur these discussions among our community.