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Marginalized audiences have important stories to tell, and their presence can contribute significantly to scientific understanding, documentary filmmaker Llewellyn Smith said during a Nov. 1 lecture at Howard University.

The AAAS Mass Media Fellows program pairs scientists and engineers like Davenport with media outlets in the U.S., giving the researchers a chance to report and write news stories for ten weeks each summer. Now in its 44 th year, the program has supported more than 750 fellows, including highly regarded scientists and journalists.

For the second year, the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards program will sponsor a trio of fall lectures on college campuses by distinguished winners of the journalism award.

The governing body of the American Association for the Advancement of Science voted Saturday to enact a policy under which an elected AAAS Fellow’s lifetime honor can be revoked for proven scientific misconduct or serious breaches of professional ethics.